BuyBack Token

Utility token for defi applications. Deflationary, limited supply, dapps. Liquidity Locked. Binance Smart Chain Network

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BuyBack token Smart Contract



The Design

Deflationary and utility design

The complexity of our token goes through several interconnected mechanisms, ranging from liquidity with other peers increasing our burn volume, and also simple functionalities such as a direct purchase of any token that spreads BBT as a form of cashback for users of this service.

  • Deflationary

    Auto Burning
    Limited Supply

  • Static Rewards

    Hodl & Earn
    Auto Distribution

  • Scalability

    High performance
    Liquidity Routing

  • Ecosystem

    Main Token- BBT 5%
    Wrapped Token- wBBT 0%

  • Utility

    Peer to Peer tx
    Yield Farming
    Liquidity Provider
    Easy Swap

  • Dapps +

    Wrapper Dapp
    Token Sender
    Easy Swap
    Auto Lottery

The difference

  • Deflationary

    A small percentage of the fees are burned automatically on every transaction. This increases the scarcity of BuyBack Token.

  • Static Rewards

    Holders earn passive rewards through static reflections as they watch their balance in BuyBack grow.

  • Max Supply

    BuyBack Token has a limited supply of 10 Billion tokens, the supply available on the market is reduced on every transaction.

  • Liquidity

    Initial Liquidity deployed on Pancakeswap V2 and all lp tokens were burned. Liquidity is strategically created on different pairs and different platforms.

  • Funding Mechanism

    BuyBack Transactions split the fees automatically to fund Vwallets, V wallets use these funds to add liquidity, trading, dev funds, marketing wallet, airdrops.

Services & Dapps

  • All in One Dashboard

    All in One Dashboard

    One place where users can access all the products and services we and our partners provide.

    • Dapps.
    • Tools.
    • Games.
    • Video Tutorials.
    • Documents.
    • Information.
  • Web Wallet

    Web Wallet

    Web3 wallet for easy funds management with minimalist design

    • Transfer BNB
    • Transfer Tokens
    • Check balances
    • Full Token list from address
  • Easy Swap QR

    Easy Swap QR

    A easy way to buy any token in Binance Smart Chain

    • Work as a usual BNB transfer
    • QR Code Lists
    • Quick and easy
    • Earn xPOINTS, Cashback feature
    • Single token buy
  • Easy Factory

    Easy Swap Factory

    Designed for communities and teams to spread their token over the world

    • Create your Easy Swap Address.
    • Create your QR Code and share it.
    • Normal BNB transfer to buy your token.
    • Users earn xPOINTS as Rewards
  • partners

    Easy Factory Partners

    Designed for teams and partners

    • Earn BNB comissions.
    • Get automatic Royalties in BNB.
    • Free Simple Front End
    • Users can create EasySwap Contracts.
    • Request partnership
    • Your Brand, your Rules
  • Wrapper Dapp

    Wrapper Dapp

    Interface to Convert or Reddem 'BBT' ~ 'wBBT'.

    • wBBT 0% token fees.
    • Easy to use.
    • Collateral Vault.
    • Ratio 1:1.

Buyback numbers

  • 10 B Max Supply
  • 3.2 B Supply Burned
  • 124,432 Transactions to date
  • 14 Pair integrations

Partners & Integrations